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Making The Future


The 21st Century has the potential to be humankind’s greatest century, or it could be our worst. Innovations over the next four decades have the potential to dwarf all of the innovations of the past 200 years. But this version of the future will only become true if leaders are courageous enough to take giant leaps forward. The 50 largest US companies have amassed cash assets of more than $1 Trillion, despite real interest rates hovering around zero for over five years. The captains of industry are hesitating and not investing in meaningful innovations when there has never been a more critical time to unleash the awesome power of value creation which organisations are capable of when leaders embark on quests to make a significant difference.


Individuals can make a difference. The decisions each one of us make now will have a profound impact on the outcome of this century. The foundations are being laid in real time at tremendous speed. The time to act is now. The opportunities and innovations are available for an amazing future, the world just needs more questers. 


What future are you making?

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