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“Heard a number of futurists over the years. Dean is head and shoulders above and beyond. If you want to understand the future you MUST work with Dean” ~ Chris Hughes Vistage Chairman

Achieve Remarkable Things 

How great leaders inspire and deliver change

Winning the 20s

5 Imperatives to succeding in the 2020s

TIDES of Change

Identify the disruptions and seize opportunity

Winning the 20s

Winning the present is challenging enough but the more essential task of leadership is winning the future. Successful business models that worked a decade ago do not necessarily work today. The world is changing that is a given, but this decade offers something more.

The successful companies in the 20s will not ignore the massive shifts all around them. They will meet them head-on. Leaders are discovering, growth is harder to guarantee, survival is not a given, and a narrow focus on financial performance alone is not enough for sustained success. The important question leaders need to answer today is: What will it take for our organisation to thrive in the decade of disruption?   


Winning in the 20s is a thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspirational presentation (and workshop) designed to help leaders set the agenda for a new competitive future. The presentation offers five imperatives that can help companies find opportunity in uncertainty, tune into change, seize the opportunity and carve out new competitive arenas. 


Discover what it will take to thrive and win the 20s

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