It’s worth bearing in mind that the advances over this century in robotics and intelligent machine learning applications mean that many of the knowledge jobs once taken as being safe from automation are now under threat.


If you want to future-proof yourself from robotic replacement you need to do things computers and intelligent machine learning algorithms can’t do. So the obvious and important question is: What can computers not do? Well, we live in a high-tech world but what computers are not so good at is the high touch, the human factor – empathy, creativity and intuition.

Empathy, creativity and intuition are the foundations required on any quest: Empathy – caring enough to embark on a quest that delivers a meaningful difference. Curiosity and creativity – required to imagine new solutions. Intuition – needed to adapt and respond, often at speed, to challenges encountered on a the quest’s journey.

These are the human factors computers will struggle to emulate in the foreseeable future and they are key to the qualities of any quest that moves society forward to a higher level.

And how exciting the possibilities are!

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