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The Big Competitive Shift


We are here to put “dents in the universe otherwise why even bother” said computer pioneer Steve Jobs. For the past four decades precious few businesses have been dent makers, preferring rather to focus incessantly on short-termism, quarterly profits and efficiencies. The race to the bottom where everything becomes commoditised. 


The great news is there is a growing group of leaders, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are looking at the world’s problems and embarking on quests to fix them, no matter how big these problems may be. 


These leaders understand the competitive shift: Because of the power of social media, unparalleled access to mobile and disruptive technology, and the democratisation of information and knowledge; today anyone anywhere can embark on a quest to change the world, their world, the world they influence.


So ask yourself this powerful question: How big is the hole – for your customers and your society - that you or your organisation will leave behind, if you suddenly disappeared? 


Will you leave with a bang or a whimper?

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