Dean is one of today's foremost practitioners on disruptive forces, emerging business trends, innovation and the power of business as a force for good

Dean is also a co-founder and the Chief Exploration Officer at TomorrowToday Consulting
  where he partners with leading global organisations to develop the future insights, strategies and cultures of innovation that delivers growth and a better future for all stakeholders

Each year the Säid Oxford, Imperial, Kings and Henley Business Schools call upon Dean to deliver his impactful talks and workshops



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Dean is the co-founder of TomorrowToday Consulting a futurist consultancy working with leading organisations around the world. He is an expert on global trends, innovation and strategic business transformation. He speaks to thousands of people every year and is a faculty member of the Henley Business School, Säid Oxford Business School and CEDEP - the Centre for European Leadership Development at Fontainebleau. He has worked on M&As at a Big Three global consultancy. 
Dean is also cancer slayer having beaten cancer after an 18-month long battle.
In everything Dean does, he believes in challenging people to use the power of business as a force for good. The world's greatest problems also represent the best opportunities, we just have to unlearn, relearn, think and act big to create a remarkable future. So, Dean is on a quest to inspire audiences mobilising them to use exponential technology, forge innovative solutions and deliver 10x the impact.
His deeply researched insights, engaging style and powerful combination of storytelling, multimedia and gentle parody, move audiences to look at a disrupted world differently, embrace change, innovate and do mighty things. 
Dean speaks to audiences about:
  • Moonshots, innovation and creativity

  • Future trends and disruptive forces

  • Adaptability, ingenuity and resilience 

  • Leadership in an exponentially changing world



“Thank you for a most enriching and wonderful talk”

Nicolas Nicoli - TEDx Curator 


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Helping people navigate and gain competitive advantage in a changing world 

Leading in a changing world

Dean is a co-founding partner of the futurist and management consultancy TomorrowToday Global, where he has the role of Chief eXploration Officer (CXO). Here Dean is joined by a team of passionate practitioners who explore how organisations can be more innovative and deliver remarkable results.

TomorrowToday Global provides insights, inspiration and the strategic vision necessary for future focused leaders. Our innovation, organisational design, leadership programmes, presentations and workshops are delivered globally, and companies repeatedly request our involvement in shaping their leadership and future direction.  


Do something remarkable

Dean could not imagine anything crazier than a snail crossing a busy motorway for the cover of his book. But in many ways as he explains: "That is the quintessence of a QUEST! The audacity of hope, competing against the odds to act out a crazy dream that inspires people to find solutions that achieve the impossible. And, with today's exponential technology anything is now possible." 

Quest, explores and shares stories of people like you who do remarkable things to change the world. Quest provides a framework that anyone, in any position, at any organisation can use to make "dents in the universe" 

"Everyone should read QUEST! It gives an empowering and uplifting message backed up with heaps of inspiring stories and data. If you have a chance to join his workshops they are as inspirational as the book" HannaS – 5* Amazon Customer Review


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