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Everyone should read Dean Van Leeuwen's book Quests. It gives an inspiring, empowering and uplifting message (backed up with heaps of actual examples and data) of hope, faith and good will. It is exactly what we all need to hear to start off on our personal quests, big or small they may be. I loved reading about the Millennial questers and the book completely changed my mindset on the entire generation. If you have a chance to join his workshops or boot camps they are as inspirational as the book. HannaS: Amazon 5* Review



Quest: Competitive Advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st Century

  • Since antiquity quests have been the force propelling civilisation to higher and higher levels. We stand at the brink of a New Age of Discovery and this powerful art of moonshot leadership is returning in the form of  corporate explorers like Elon Musk, Sebastian Thrun and Sergey Brin. Each challenging the impossible, delivering meaningful benefits and driven by their quest's destination. Discover what a new breed of winners is doing to gain competitive advantage in the future, now.

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