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The inside of the bracelet says "It's only impossible until someoen does it" an inspiring quote from Nelson Mandela. The outside of the bracelet has a compass symbol on it, the compass represents journeying towards your true north staying on course to achieve your purpose and moonshoting quest.


This bracelet makes a great gift for yourself or for someone special in your team or friendship circle. The perfect gift for your team event or inspirational reminder for that special person heading out on an adventurous journey.


☾ The inside of this bracelet bears the secret reminder "It's only impossible until someone does it" ~ Nelson Mandela

☾ Outside - 2 compass symbols

☾ Bracelet is made of food safe aluminum. 

☾ They are handmade in Tempe, Arizona

☾ Bracelet measures 1/2" x 5.5" and fits most wrists
☾ Each letter and symbol is hand stamped, one at a time, infusing inspiration and intention into each piece.

"It's only impossible until someone does it"- Nelson Mandela Alu Cuff Bracelet

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