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Is this a fast technological age?
The Power of Meaningfulness
Meaning, the New Competitive Advantage

Humans are social beings, our dreams and ambitions propel us forward. We all want meaning in our lives. The industrial masters attempted to transform people into mere cogs in the machine. They failed but will try again. The technology of the 21st Century could be used to robotize humanity or to augment the best parts of human nature—creativity, empathy, stewardship—it can also elevate humanity into a new shared and moral mindfulness based on a common sense of destiny.


History tells us human spirit and ingenuity prevails. We are living during a wondrous time but it is also an exceedingly dangerous time. A most exciting emerging trends is forward-thinking companies who are doing financially well, by doing good. This is encouraging because it is the leaders who are on quests to make their world, a better place who will be the winners of the future. Huge commercial opportunities exist to improve the world. We need to empower people, especially women and the youth, so that we release the awesome value creation that is possible when organisations and leaders embark on quests to deliver meaningful benefits. The opportunities for a better future for everyone is there, what is needed is more quester leaders.


Are you a quester leader?

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