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Not since the Age of Discovery have so many pioneering opportunities emerged for those who open their eyes. This book due for release in 2019, asks the questions: What needs to be done to make this the most remarkable century ever? What challenges will we need to overcome? What new industries and opportunities will emerge from addressing them? How will new technology aid and add to the challenges? Who will be the winners and losers of this new Age of Discover? The new map for economic growth, profits and success in the 21st century is only just being plotted, and the signs for astute leaders are already there.  

Each chapter in the book highlights key challenges humankind faces and explores the opportunities that will and are emerging. We know technologies like AI and Blockchain will reshape our world. This book explores how and profiles inspirational leaders who are already doing things differently to huge success. This book is the closest business leaders will find today for a map of future. 

MegaQuests of the 21st Century:

  1. End ageing

  2. Feed 9.5 billion people

  3. End of all disease

  4. Carbon free, pollution free energy

  5. Colonisation of Mars

  6. Decent jobs in the age of AI

  7. Save our oceans

  8. End our adiction to plastic

  9. Unlimited clean water

  10. Control climate

  11. End of inequality

  12. End wars

  13. Truth and happiness

  14. Women's equality

  15.  The migrant question

What are the big quests in your world? What's missing in this list? Please let me know your thoughts: 

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