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How to design your future and win in the new age of

Moonshots, MegaTrends and MegaRiches,  

My newest and best innovation keynote introduces you to the opportunities and the actions which will lead to phenomenal success.

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Did you know the World's first trillionaire is alive today? In September 2030, at the age of 66, Jeff Bezos is odds on favourite to become the first member of the four-comma-club – just 11 years from now.


It’s not easy to appreciate exactly how preposterously large one trillion pounds is. ‘One with twelve zeros’ doesn’t quiet do it justice, so, instead imagine this: If you burned through a million pounds every day it would take you 2,739 years to spend a trillion pounds.


Here’s what you can learn from this.


There has never been a better time for you to innovate and it’s never been easier to take a small idea and have a big impact – Jeff Bezos after all started Amazon selling books online from his garage. 

You are experiencing history’s greatest rate of change, but most people do not realise this is a new era. Those tuned to change will seize opportunity. This is an era for action. This is not the time to preserve the status quo. You need to take the leap, break your rules, push harder. Because you are capable of more than you think, you are capable today of anything you could dream. Who wants to be a trillionaire, will get you on the journey to delivering 10x the impact. And, when you deliver 10x the impact anything is possible. Who wants to be a trillionaire, shows you why there has never been a better time for ambition, for taking risk, for pursuing your dreams and designing your own future.


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